ContinuVu - Concentric Design

ContinuVuEmerging Presbyope – Younger than 50 years


  • +1.75D add or less
  • Posterior surface zone
  • Patient needs maximum visual acuity at all distances

ContinuVu Plus - Double concentric design

ContinuVu PlusMiddle Presbyope – 50-58 years old


  • +1.75D to +2.25D add or less
  • Patient needs maximum visual acuity at multiple distances

ReadRite - Crescent design

ReadRiteMature Presbyope – older than 58 years


  • +2.25D add or more
  • Patient needs maximum reading and
    driving visual acuity

New Bi expert GP Bifocal Design

Made from Boston® materials – surround your presbyopic patients in comfort.

  • Patented slab off technology – for a 360ø uniform thin edge
  • Non-truncated – resulting in a comfortable, thinner lens
  • Rapid stabilization – delivering excellent visual clarity
  • Available in all Boston materials – XO2®, XO®, EO®, and ES®

Bi Expert 360

Distributed Products


Tangent Streak

We offer all Tangent Streak Brands.

Tangent StreakTangent Streak Website



EssentialWe offer the Essential brand contact lenses.

  • ESSential Xtra GP Multifocal
  • ESSential Multifocal
  • ESSential CSA Multifocal
  • ESSential Xtra CSA Multifocal

Essential Website



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