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ESSILOR Contact Lens Specialists bring you the very best in gas permeable designs. We constantly strive to be more than just a lab for you, and want to become your partner in growing your business. Essilor will be here to take care of your patients both today and tomorrow.

Lens Designs Overview

Please read the information below to get a summary of what GP lens designs we offer. Most designs have detailed information available, including fitting guides and product brochures. Just click the 'more' link under the design. Additionally, we have a 2 page pdf that you can print for reference later. Please click here, or the 'Product Line Up' over to the right.

Multifocal Designs




A lens design fashioned in the spirit of DeCarle while including outstanding intermediate qualities. ContinuVu has the range to go from low to high adds. It does need to translate to work at its best.



The back aspheric EZFocus is just that: a put-it-on simultaneous vision bifocal for low to midrange add situations. This is the easiest beginning bifocal and affords very good computer vision.



Read-RiteThis translating design is the defined-add bifocal for all adds that do not require intermediate correction (or are willing to sacrifice some intermediate for more near vision).


Bi Expert

360 uniform thin edge technology provides less mass for increased comfort as well as excellent vision.


Distributed Designs

  • Blanchard Essentials, LifeStyle High Rider, Tangent Streak

Essilor Surgical Series

Read more about the surgical series here.


This design can fit over many problems on the surface of the cornea.
It fits from the outer portion of the cornea and can bridge over
problem areas such as the graft margins of a penetrating
keratoplasty, the edge of a Lasik optical zone, or even a scar on the



The Lasik design is a spherical lens designed to provide excellent comfort and optimal visual acuity that comes from a well centered lens.



This lens is designed to be used when there is a distortion of the cornea, such as pellucid marginal degeneration. The lens is fit large enough (10.8 to 11.2) to bring it to center with the optical zone rather large. This lens will usually produce the best optical situation that the patient has seen in a long time.



This is a tried and proven design to fit the cone and pellucid corneas that cannot be fit in the more standard designs. These are fit from trial sets.




ESSILOR Keratoconus Series


The #1 cone design in Australia is available on every continent and exclusively from Essilor in the US. Its bi-aspheric design, large optic zone, and optimal apical clearance provides visual comfort & acuity.


BConeThis design is perfect for the emerging cone patient. It features a smaller optical zone and an aspheric periphery designed to give added lift to the periphery.



BConeFor 80% of your cone patients, our SCone design provides solid, predictable performance. This is an improved version of our popular CVC design and offers a small central optical zone to fit the cone, surrounded by a lens that is custom
fit to the individual needs of the eye. The two areas
of the lens are individually adjustable to provide the
optimum fitting characteristics for both areas.



BConeThis lens is a fully-customized lens design based upon your exacting specifications for even the most challenging patient.



Rose K, Rose K2


Essilor Single Vision Offerings


Standard Spheres - All Lens Materials


For the practitioner or fitter who wants an absolute minimumthickness lens, we offer the Essilor MegaThin. It is a polycon-type flexible lens design.


A lens design with a spherical OZ and an aspheric periphery. The Summit design is very easy to duplicate in order to ensure perfect fit and comfort year after year.


A large-lens design (10.3mm) for standard corneas designed to maximize tear exchange with a minimal need for movement.


Essilor Toric Offerings

Toric lens designs are available in virtually any lens material

SingleVision Torics

All toric designs (back, front, bi) are a flat fee, regardless of material.

Specialty Torics

Toric designs are available in virtually all specialty lens designs and are priced separately.

Toric designs are available in virtually all specialty lens designs and
are priced separately.

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